What is Batik

Batik is a technique of creating design on silk or cotton using wax resist fiber art. Nowadays, batik develops into Batik tulis (written), Batik cap (stamp), Batik kombinasi (combination) and printed Batik.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ilovebatikscarf.com scarves are Batik cap, handmade with a copper printing block on hot wax. This technique can be applied in layers with different colors. We repeat the process once more for our multi-tone scarves

There are 2 different styles of Batik: Batik Keraton, which has earthy color tones and in earlier time this type of Batik could only be worn by the royal family, and Batik Pesisir ( also known as Coastal Batik) which has a lot of Dutch and Chinese influence in term of the designs and colors, as a consequence of maritime trading that was going on in coastal area.                                                     ilovebatikscarf.com scarves are coastal Batik, its has more vibrant colors and patterns that have philosophical meaning that attaches to the concept of life.

The effect of using Batik stamps on the print is that the wax cracks during handling, either intentionally or not. In each dye bath, the cracks in the wax allow the dye to reach the fabric creating the unique batik effect.Therefore, each one of our scarf is different. Even the ones with similar color and design are not the exactly the same.                                                                                                            ilovebatikscarf.com scarves are unique.

On October 2, 2009, UNESCO recognized Indonesian Batik as world cultural heritage. Batik has been a part of Indonesia since the eighth century. In European literature, Batik technique was first told in the book History of Java (London, 1817) writings of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. He explained that the development of Batik art in Europe started in 19th century when a Dutch merchant, Van Rijekevorsel handed over a piece of Batik cloth he got from Java to a museum in Rotterdam. Since then, Indonesian Batik began to spread in Asia and Europe.                                                           

ilovebatikscarf.com scarves reflect the rich history of Indonesian culture.